Gypsy Meltdown 2017 – Sham-Rock to The Contra Beat!

It’s that time of year for GYPSY MELTDOWN 2017 – SHAM-ROCK TO THE CONTRA BEAT!

This years weekend dance will be held March 17, 18 and 19, 2017 at is usual location – Camp Thunderbird, Lake Wylie, SC.

Click here to go to the Eventbrite page for online tickets.

To find out more about the schedule and dance details, please visit the GYPSY MELTDOWN page.

On tap this year are the Stringrays  an inimitable trio of musicans: Rodney Miller on fiddle, Max Newman on guitar and Stuart Kenny on banjo and bass, also with Ashley Broader (of the Syncopaths) on mandolin, and Pokey Hellenberg on percussion.

We will also have Toss the Possum – dazzling dancers with Rob Zisette on fiddle, Laura Zisette on keyboards, and Bonnie Isull on flute, playing a mix of Celtic, Appalachain, Jazz, French Canadian and Rock n’ Roll! Seth Tepfer and Gaye Fifer – both beloved callers – will match music with dances that will have all of us ready to keep coming back for more.

Early Bird pricing is in effect until February 28th!

Regular ticket pricing starts March 1, ends March 17 at 3PM.