Dancer Buttons

New dance buttons are in! Whether you’re a new dancer, experienced dancer or can dance both roles, we’ve got you covered! These buttons are meant to let others know in a quick and easy-to-read way on the dance floor, where you stand.


Jane Rothfield & Bernie Nau

Upcoming dance Wednesday September 28, 2016 –¬†Jane Rothfield & Bernie Nau

The band is fiddle/piano duo extra-ordinaire, Janie Rothfield (Fiddle) and Bernie Nau (Piano). Janie is an award winning fiddler and tune composer with a long career of performing, recording and playing for contra dances and dance weekends with her signature driving swingy fiddling and awesome original tunes.

Janie is joined by Bernie Nau, a fantastic piano player who easily moves from traditional music genres to Rock N’ Roll, Jazz, Swing and a whole lot of groove for great dancing! Janie and Bernie combine their shared repertoire of Irish, Old Time, Northern, European, and a little Rock N’ Roll music with an improvisational twist that really moves the dance floor!”